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American Kiosk Management’s passionate executive leadership has positioned us as the largest Owner-Operated Specialty Retailer in the world. Our core team embodies the values, professionalism, dedication and expert retail industry knowledge that has helped us to excel in our field.

Max James
Executive Chairman &

Stanford Graduate School of Business – Master of Business Administration. Max founded American Kiosk Management in 1997. Seeing an opportunity within the specialty retail industry, he launched 100 MetaboLife carts, which were very successful. That began his career in specialty retail and since then, AKM has successfully operated in thousands of malls all over the world with carts, kiosks, pop-up stores and automated retail. After launching Proactiv® Skin Care, AKM’s success resulted in the introduction of a plethora of well-known brands to the retail market. Through his vision and entrepreneurial spirit, AKM utilizes its enormous success to support philanthropic work. Max was also inducted into the Specialty Retail Hall of Fame.

Kenneth E. Jones

Texas A&M University Ken’s expertise in corporate finance has been instrumental in AKM’s expansion. His executive leadership in building AKM’s accounting and finance department has greatly supported AKM’s multitude of businesses. Ken’s involvement in building a diverse portfolio of business proposals, business plans, financial assessments and day-to-day operations has been instrumental in giving AKM a strong financial foundation.

Patricia Adame
Senior VP of Human Resources

University of Nevada – Las Vegas – School of Business. Patricia has been with AKM for nine years and she and her team have successfully managed all human resource responsibilities across AKM’s vast network of employees throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as within AKM’s corporate headquarters. Patricia is an expert in all HR administration procedures including compliance, employee relations, compensation and benefits and labor relations.

Michael Brielman
Exec VP of Business Development
Michael Brielmann
Exec VP of Business Development

University at Albany – Bachelor of Business and English. With more than twenty years of experience in starting, merging, acquiring, and divesting companies, Michael is responsible for developing new business models, contracting new revenue opportunities, and identifying strategic opportunities at AKM, as well as maintaining AKM’s client relationships.

Debbie Alisca
Director of Marketing

University of Miami – BBA, International Finance & Marketing

Debbie is a creative marketing strategist and effective project manager. Her creation of AKM’s VIP database helped drive traffic to malls. Her experience in market analysis, budget management and client knowledge permits AKM to serve the diverse needs of our clients and drive company innovation. Debbie is instrumental in the creation of compelling advertising, promotion and fresh approaches in our public relations efforts.

Andrew McBride
Financial Controller

University of Nevada - Las Vegas – Master of Accounting. Andrew has worked with American Kiosk Management for five years. In his role as Financial Controller, he is responsible for the day-to-day accounting functions and financial reporting. Andrew also manages the finance and accounting team. Andrew is a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) licensed in the state of Colorado.

Linda Johansen James
CEO & Co-founder of CLS CRX

Harvard Business School/Stanford University, Accounting and Finance. Linda joined Max in 2002 and her leadership helped to skyrocket AKM’s growth from a handful of Proactiv locations to the top of the specialty retail industry. Linda’s ability to adapt to change implement new concepts and maintain a hands-on approach has kept AKM at the forefront of retail. Linda continues to search for new and innovative brands to bring to retail, while overseeing the Proactiv footprint of carts, kiosks and automated retail locations.

Robert Warren

With over 25 years of results-driven IT experience, Rob oversees the day-to-day operations of several, critical IT and networking functions. Staying true to AKM’s objectives, he maintains the integrity and security of our national databases and local corporate network. Currently, Robert manages our IT helpdesk, Zoom Customer Service Desk and maintains our company’s IT infrastructure.

Nicole Lloyd
Senior VP of Retail Operations

Nicole has been with AKM for 17 years, starting as a part-time employee and has excelled to a Sr. Vice President role. A master of both field operations and product knowledge, Nicole manages multiple, critical responsibilities including but not limited to: the execution of new business strategies, operational management, sales management, employee recruitment and relations, marketing and more. She currently oversees all retail operations for AKM throughout the U.S. and Canada.

TJ Roberts
Senior VP of Supply Chain

TJ’s quick grasp of multi-brand knowledge and strong sales performance as a store manager elevated his career to executive leadership. His determination led to a steady rise into key management roles such as Vice President of Training and Vice President of Retail Sales. As the VP of Supply Chain, he oversees the flow of product movement, inventory maintenance and distribution. TJ also manages the day-to-day strategic sourcing and planning for multiple brands, as well as the implementation of our inventory loss prevention program.

Matthew Young
Director of Leasing & Budgeting

Washington State University – College of Business and Economics. Matthew is responsible for out leasing negotiations and lease renewal schedules for a multitude of brands and their respective kiosks, carts, and pop up stores across the U.S. and Canada. His team is responsible for all documentation, recording, insurance and filing procedures required for leasing space within malls and shopping centers. Matthew is an expert at developing cost-effective, budget management strategies based on thorough data analysis and reporting measures.

Chenjie Li
Assistant Controller

University of Nevada – Las Vegas – Master of Business Administration. Chen is a graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and holds a master’s degree. Chen joined the AKM team in 2014 as an Accounting Coordinator. Chen is well-organized and an excellent team player with a proven ability to work proactively in finance and accounting, which led to his promotion to Assistant Controller. Chen oversees all reporting for AKM and its entities.