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  • Sharon Gee

New Year, New You

With the New Year, many aspire for a new look. The New Year tends to bring on the desire to start fresh with makeup products that are proven to get results. Whether you’re researching fresh new beauty ideas, have already started planning, or maybe even bought a few impulse purchases, January is a good time to brighten and revamp your daily skin and beauty routine. Instant Effects has a line of truly effective age-defying beauty tools that will revitalize and renew your look as well as the health of your skin.

The stylish and scientific brand of beauty created by industry icon Richard Mears is known for its clinically-tested Instant Eye Lift, 3D Lip Plumping Treatment and Lash and Brow Volumiser. These three proven products provide instant glamour and solve a host of facial flaws by sprucing up sad lashes, restoring thin, cracked lips and lifting lashes to lush lengths. They consistently top the lists of best beauty performers that achieve impressive results.

One of the main areas that can make the most impact with a New Year makeover is the sensitive skin around the eyes. The Instant Eye Lift was named one of the Top 3 best eye creams in the U.K. by The Daily Mail along with other British beauty publications for its fast-acting revitalizing qualities that quickly rejuvenate tired-looking and puffy skin. It gently restores the areas around the eyes with a powerful cocktail of fortified ingredients. Within 15 minutes of applying, Instant Eye Lift increases skin’s elasticity by 55%, creating firmer yet suppler skin for a more youthful look instantly. It is fast-absorbing and ultra-lightweight to minimize the appearance of those stubborn wrinkles, fine lines and puffiness that can creep up overnight around the delicate eye area.

Breathe new life into thin, asymmetrical, cracked, or chapped lips with this Instant Effects best seller. The 3D Lip Plumper is a makeup bag must. It delivers a whopping 20% increase to lip volume within minutes without any of the stinging or redness that so often come with using other lip plumper brands. It has an added bonus of being super moisturizing due to the oxygen transfer technology and patented formula. For a glossy and plumb pout sure to impress in the New Year, apply the 3D Lip Plumber.

The innovative formula of the Lash and Brow Volumiser renews and enhances eyelashes and fine brow hairs with each application. Lashes and brow hairs are thicker, longer and more youthful looking after just one use of this invigorating and innovative facial product. Within minutes of swiping on the advanced treatment, lashes and brows have more definition and fullness. The revitalizing

formula creates long, luscious lashes to better frame your lovely peepers. Developed with OX2 technology, the patented formula creates a fuller appearance almost instantly. The exclusive brush lifts hairs from the root for remarkable and quick results. If used regularly, the Lash and Brow Volumiser can restore your longer lashes of yesteryear and increase the thickness of your lashes by up to 40% and increase length by 20% in just 14 days.

For year-round outstanding beauty results, get started with Instant Effects. For more age-defying tips, connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, or visit us today.

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The vegan -friendly, cruelty-free and paraben-free formulas are favorite rejuvenating, long-lasting and revitalizing products among makeup artists in the film and beauty industry. Each Instant Effects product is submitted to an independent clinical trial to prove its effectiveness. Instant Effects Instant Eye Lift, 3D Lip Plumper and Lash and Brow Volumiser provide a fast finish to a smoother, refined look and healthier, younger-looking skin with every use.

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