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International Retail Management and Consulting Group is the trusted leader in direct-to-consumer retail operations for many of the world’s top brands. Perfecting the art of specialty retail marketing with direct experience in the operation of thousands of carts, kiosks, pop-up stores and automated retail locations throughout North America. Whether you’re an existing retail company or ecommerce business or a company ready to launch into retail, IRG delivers world-class retail solutions that will drive sales to your business and build your online presence in a thriving digital marketplace.   



As a global leader in the specialty retail industry, IRG is comprised of a team of seasoned industry experts ready to become your retail team.   IRG’s comprehensive retail management services include but are not limited to corporate strategy, operational consulting, project management, branding, marketing, and high profile launch events.



IRG delivers a customized retail business for each client. Our projects range from: leasing-only options, to seasonal or long-term operations, to digital marketing solutions, right on up to full-scale cart design, marketing and staffing services. We partner with a multitude of industries, each with distinct requirements and approaches best-suited for their operation.


IRG’s executive team has decades of experience and long-term relationships with a number of the world’s most recognizable brands and industry leaders, representing a diverse base of specialty retail goods and services.